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Recipes with Chicken: Chicken Red Thai Curry

Red thai curry

The SCRATCH Thai Green Curry proves time and time again a popular meal. Green curries lend their name due to the colour – no surprise there – which comes from the use of (Thai) basil and green chilies. Red Curries have the perception of being hotter which is in fact not necessarily true – it all depends how many chilies you add. (more…)

How to: Make Ginger Caramel Sauce for Chicken













Fish sauce is a very versatile ingredient and used heavily in Vietnamese cooking. Combine with ginger, lemongrass and garlic, and of course sugar, to make a ginger caramel sauce. This is the base sauce for many beautiful Vietnamese stir fried dishes. If you fancy creating a whole Vietnamese dish from scratch, follow these simple instructions to make the ginger caramel sauce. (more…)

SCRATCH Vietnamese Chicken Ga Kho Gung

vietnamese chicken ingredients

Ginger, peanuts, lemon grass, red chili, spring onion and vermicelli rice noodles are some of the beautiful natural ingredients making up our latest SCRATCH chicken dish. Ginger Chicken is called Ga Kho Gung in Vietnamese and is a caramelised chicken dish. Cooking this Vietnamese meal from SCRATCH could not be easier with 3 easy steps. (more…)