Our Story

A few years ago we were working long hours with only microwaves to keep us alive. We all dreamed of better meals but never had the time or energy to cook them. Then one evening, ‘bing!’ yet another ready meal was ready and I had an idea – if all the ingredients were ready prepped to cook a recipe, could it be done in the time it takes to make a ready meal? I tried. It could. A delicious, healthy meal from scratch without food waste, hassle or frustration. SCRATCH was born.

How hard could it be to turn this idea into a business? Well reasonably tricky is the answer. It became a mission. What we found was this: people love good, fresh food every night, not just on special occasions. In other words they liked our idea. So we called ourselves SCRATCH, bought 8 office chairs and a plant from Ikea and joined forces with Michel Roux Snr, arguably the finest chef in the world.

But we’re still just beginning, so we’d love your thoughts and feedback if you have time. Good or bad, we can take it. Here’s my address –philp@mealsfromscratch.co.uk

Phil Pinnell, Co-Founder.